Nantucket – Home Services


Nantucket Home Services has been caretaking fine homes in Nantucket since 2002. We are committed to providing our clients with peace of mind. Whether you are away from your home for months or days, you can count on Nantucket Home Services to provide you with excellence in property management and care. Providing weekly visits year-round when the home is unoccupied, even during the summer months our clients can be sure that the property is well maintained, and for those who choose to do short-term rentals, we do home visits during turnovers to ensure the proper function of all systems and guarantee your property is ready for the next tenants.

Homes that are not available for rent are also visited once a week by a member of our knowledgeable team.

We are Licensed, insured, bonded, and certified.

We have a large array of subcontractors that provides top-quality exterior maintenance such as painting, power washing, landscaping, roofing, sidewall, pool maintenance, rubbish removal, and more.

Whether it’s inside or outside, we are able to help you with a few touch-ups or paint your entire home. Repairs are easily done by one of our skilled workers under all construction building codes.

Oftentimes a project can be overwhelming and quite expensive for homeowners. We have been in the maintenance business for years and have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve that goal regardless of how big or small that project is. No job is too big or small.

Josh has been providing caretaking, light construction, and general contractor services to our family for nearly two decades – both before Josh founded Nantucket Home Services and ever since. Josh is incredibly responsive, has a keen sense of pragmatism and craftsmanship, and is able to tackle any size project. He routinely handles small projects for us, as well as routine services, or emergency services. He has also completed large jobs for our families, such as the complete interior and exterior renovation of our “early 80’s” 2000 SF guest house. Josh never disappoints. We couldn’t be happier customers Josh and Nantucket Home Services.”

Joe Delogu, Madaket Resident

Josh is incredibly reliable. Recently we had no way to get to the airport, so we had to drive our car and leave it at the airport. Although Josh was on another continent (literally), he was easy to reach and he made sure our car got back to our house – we didn’t even have to pay for parking because it was there for such a short amount of time!

Craig Siracuse